Museum Quality:
Art School for Bellydancers

3 Day Intensive with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone
February 7th-9th, 2014

Due to demand, MQ returns to Indy for a 3rd year!
This intensive will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure an adequate level of personal attention from Tempest & Nathaniel.

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Museum Quality is a unique kind of workshop intensive experience that combines visual/fine arts concepts, processes, and techniques with bellydance; training dancers to focus their development beyond just the physical, incorporating mental, visual, and emotional elements as well, and working to elevate the dance personally and professionally. This intensive is accessible to all styles of bellydance and is especially geared towards dancers who wish to advance the artistic quality of their dancing.

Why Art School?
A common debate in the bellydance community is the dance entertainment or art? No matter which side you may lean towards or what style of bellydance you do, the dance itself can benefit from a fine arts-minded approach. This intensive will aid you in developing a critical eye and constructive mind, help deepen creativity, and give you the tools to construct and combine movement, sound, emotion, and aesthetic more effectively.

Why Museum Quality?
Part of the goal of this intensive is for the attendees to consider their performances as they were constructing works of art, focusing on creating art in motion that is the best quality you can produce at your ability and experience. Museums don't only house the best examples of an artist's work - they also collect their early and middle pieces, sketches, illustrations - and modern museums and galleries showcase what's being produced NOW and how it relates to society. So it's not all about the end result at the end of the line, but the journey of the artist - the same is true with dance.

General Material Outline (Over the 3 Day Intensive):
1. Introduction to Art Concepts & Terms, Art & Dance History
2. Presentation of Self-Portrait Project Performance
3. Constructive Critique
4. Goal Setting & Discussion
5. Right Brain Activation
6. Transferring from 3D to 2D:
from Symbol to Reality, Audio to Visual
7. Lines & Perspective, Shape & Form - Movement Quality
8. Shading and Depth: Strong vs. Subtle - Musicality
9. Concept & Design: Translating Ideas into Art
10. Composition & Communication
11. Craftsmanship: Quality, Not Quantity
12. Choosing Your Media: Costuming Elements
13. Framing Your Work & Hanging It Up On the Wall

There will be homework (reading, writing, and concept/movement-based projects) assigned prior to the start of the intensive, and a list of materials for each attendee to bring.

Each day of the intensive is approximately 6-8 hours of activities involving media exercises, concept exploration, and studio application.

Essentially, the whole body will be addressed and exercised every day to take it to the next level - mind, body, and spirit. There will be small assignments each evening for students to complete for the next day (about 1/2 an hour of time to complete).

About Your Instructors:
Tempest: While there are other instructors who reference "art" in their workshops or classes, Tempest is a life-long, fully trained professional visual artist and designer. Tempest received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the top art school in the US - the Rhode Island School of Design, and has been attending art and design programs since the age of 3, including Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown, NJ, Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA, and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts. She has taught high school through college/adult classes & workshops in the visual arts, and over a hundred workshops on bellydance.

Tempest pulls from her visual arts background, literary tendencies, and global inspirations to create dance that crosses the boundaries of time and culture. Tempest began her journey into dance in 2000, and has traveled the country to study traditional, folkloric, and fusion forms of bellydance. She is the premiere instructor of Gothic and Steampunk Bellydance in North America, and her extensive work in these genres has helped to define and develop these movements across the world. Her compelling performances exemplify her distinctively theatrical and expressive style, and are rooted in oriental dance technique with a transcendent approach. Her costume designs have revolutionized the look of modern bellydance, and continue to inspire new and old generations of dancers alike.

Tempest's links: |

About Nathaniel: Nathaniel Johnstone loves music of all shapes and sizes. He is perpetually tinkering with tunes on a multitude of instruments: guitar, violin, viola, mandolin, and banjo. Surrounding himself with an ever-changing roster of like-minded souls, he creates music for his many friends in the dancing world. Joining him on these recordings are bassist Jean-Paul Mayden, singer Mel, drummer Jes Brown, violinist Paul Mercer, and percussionist Davis Petterson. From 2006-2011, Johnstone was been recording and touring with the steampunk band Abney Park, but has moved on to focusing on his solo work and other projects. He has also sat in with a number of other ensembles: The Ghosts Project, Jill Tracy’s Malcontent Orchestra, Ego Likeness, The Last Dance, The Hellblinki Sextet, and others. To hear more of his work, check out this link:

Pricing, Registration, and more details:

'Belle Dance Studio (inside the Stutz Building)
1060 N Capitol Ave, Suite C-375
Indianapolis IN 46204

The intensive will start at 1pm on Friday, and run until approximately 8pm. Saturday: 9am-6pm + Studiowerx in the evening (an informal live music/dance event at the studio from 8-11pm) and Sunday: 10am-6pm. Hours may fluctuate slightly due to the needs of the students and flow of the intensive.


$325 total (cash, check, money order) or $334.75 (Paypal) if paid in full by September 13th, 2013
$350 total (cash, check, money order) if you put down a deposit by September 13th, 2013.
$375 (cash, check, money order) or $386.25 (Paypal) after September 13th, 2013

Payment plan option:
$100 (cash, check, money order) or $103 (Paypal) deposit and $250 (cash, check, money order) or $257.50 (Paypal) balance. Payment plan needs to be completed before January 1, 2014. Other payment plan options may be available - please contact Celeste to inquire.

There are no refunds of any kind unless the event is completely cancelled.

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